Safeguarding and Child Protection

We ensure children learn in a safe, caring and educational environment. Children are taught how to keep themselves safe, to develop positive and healthy relationships, and how to avoid situations where they might be at risk.

If you are at all concerned and would like to report abuse you can do this online via the link below: 

or by calling Children's Social Care:

Leicester City - 0116 454 1004

Leicestershire - 0116 305 0005

or by visiting the NSPCC website:





Safeguarding Leads


Abuse / Harm is identified in four main ways:


  • Physical — is when a child is deliberately hurt or injured.
  • Sexual — is when a child is influenced or forced to take part in a sexual activity. This can be a physical activity or non-physical, e.g. being made to look at an inappropriate image.
  • Emotional — is when a child is made to feel frightened, worthless or unloved. It can be by shouting, using threats or making fun of someone. It can also be when children see their parents/carers, or visitors to the home, fighting or using violence.
  • Neglect — is when a child is not being taken care of by their parents/carers. It can be poor hygiene, poor diet, poor quality housing, not coming to school or being left home alone.


Please see below for other specific safeguarding concerns that a child may be at risk of.

Sexual Violence and Harrassment

Whistleblowing Policy

Child Protection - Parent Leaflet

CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) - Parent Information

In school we use the services of a counsellor/therapist from My Solution Wellbeing.  We also have an NHS Mental Health Practitioner supporting in school once a week and we have a trained ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant). All of these are to support children's mental health and wellbeing.  If you feel your child may need some support please do not hesitate to contact the school office to speak to one of the safeguarding leads.

Early Help at Caldecote CPS

Operation Encompass

Private Fostering Information

LAC Policy (Looked After Children Policy)

Breast Ironing - Parent Information

FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) - Parent Information

What is Child on Child Abuse? - Parent Information

Child Criminal Exploitation - Parent Information

County Lines - Parents Guide

Children and the Court System

Children and the Court System

Children are sometimes required to give evidence in criminal courts, either for crimes committed against them or for any crimes they have witnessed. 

Making child arrangements via the family courts following separation can be stressful and entrench conflict in families. This can be stressful for children.


Children with Family Members in Prison

Approximately 200,000 children in England and Wales have a parent sent to prison each year. These children are at risk of poor outcomes including poverty, stigma, isolation and poor mental health.

Cybercrime Cybercrime is criminal activity committed using computers and/or the internet. It is broadly categorised as either ‘cyber-enabled’ (crimes that can happen off-line but are enabled at scale and at speed on-line) or ‘cyber dependent’ (crimes that can be committed only by using a computer). Cyber-dependent crimes include:

• unauthorised access to computers (illegal ‘hacking’), for example accessing a school’s computer network to look for test paper answers or change grades awarded

• ‘Denial of Service’ (Dos or DDoS) attacks or ‘booting’. These are attempts to make a computer, network or website unavailable by overwhelming it with internet traffic from multiple sources, and,

• making, supplying or obtaining malware (malicious software) such as viruses, spyware, ransomware, botnets and Remote Access Trojans with the intent to commit further offence, including those above.

Children with particular skills and interest in computing and technology may inadvertently or deliberately stray into cyber-dependent crime