When can my child start school?

The planned admission limit for the school is 60 in all year groups in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. We presently have 461 children on roll. Our admission policy for the school is as follows: - 

We admit pupils at one point only in the school year, September, the beginning of the Autumn Term and school year. The only exceptions to this are pupils who move into the area served by the school during the school year. 

Pupils are admitted to the part-time Foundation Stage at the beginning of the school year in which they are 4 years old. They will have either a morning or an afternoon place and one full day per week. They are in their correct academic year and will stay with this year group for the whole of their school life. 

Pupils will then move into the following classes: -

  • Foundation Stage 2 classes in the year they are 5
  • Year 1 classes in the year they are 6
  • Year 2 classes in the year they are 7
  • Year 3 classes in the year they are 8
  • Year 4 classes in the year they are 9
  • Year 5 classes in the year they are 10
  • Year 6 classes in the year they are 11


If you would like your child to come to our school then please contact the School Admissions Service at the Local Authority on 0116 3737467 for an application form. This needs to be filled in and sent back to them. We can confirm if there are spaces available in year groups but the Admissions Service make the final decision about who can attend our school. We currently have a few vacancies in some year groups; this means that at the moment we are able to admit children from outside our catchment area. 

If you would like your child to attend our Foundation Stage 1 the procedure is slightly different. All you need to do is contact the school office where your child’s details will be kept on file until they are due to start. You will hear via letter as to whether a place is available for your child to start school in the September.