What People Say


"I like Art at Caldecote because it’s fun, and I can do it with my friends"
"Maths is fun because we do lots of different activities and games, and use computers too!"
"The teachers help me learn lots of new things every day"
"The teachers manage the behaviour of the children well so we can all learn"
"We have a school football team which helps us learn about teamwork and how to communicate better"
"The staff are all very helpful and look after us"
"The teachers and staff make Caldecote a nice place to learn"
"The teachers help to boost our levels and help with things we don’t understand"


"What is happening now in the school is having a real positive impact on my child’s learning"
"The support given to each individual child is invaluable to help them progress through their education. On a personal note, my son has received help from Speech and Language Therapists and a trained TA which has improved his social skills and confidence"
"The school is going in the right direction!"
"My son’s needs have been recognised and help is being put in place so that he can learn"


"I love teaching here at Caldecote because every day is a new challenge with the most rewarding moments"
"I love working here. It’s fantastic to see the impact all the hard work is having on the children as they go through school"
"We understand the importance of every child’s emotional and social growth and thrive in providing support through our dedicated staff"
"Working at Caldecote is a breath of fresh air. Our children and families are a pleasure to work with. My colleagues, each and every one of them, cares for every child and work hard to ensure the best possible outcomes"