What happens if my child is ill or has an accident?

The school cannot administer short-term medicines to children such as antibiotics but arrangements are made for those children who need long-term medication. If you have any questions please ask at the main office.

We have 23 staff that have First Aid qualifications. Minor injuries are dealt with immediately and recorded in an accident book. Head injuries will always be brought to the first-aider and a letter will always be sent home. 

If an accident is causing the child distress or we are concerned the parent or emergency contact will be called and asked to come to school. In the event of a serious accident the parent will be contacted immediately and if this contact is not possible and the first aider thinks it advisable, an ambulance will be called. We never treat accidents lightly and will always put the needs of the child first.

If a child is taken ill whilst at school the parent will be contacted and asked to come to school.

For this reason it is essential that parents keep us informed of changes in addresses and telephone numbers and give us the telephone number of a reliable emergency contact.